Monday, May 10, 2010

Ancient India Lesson Plan

Ancient Asia Unit

Identify China, Asia, India, and Japan on world map and globe. Identify each on printed map (National Geo). Use colors to illustrate locations of Indus and Ganges Rivers. Use printed map throughout lesson to illustrate additional points of interest.

Make sets of vocabulary cards (with pictures if possible). Print, cut, and store in pockets on paper used for report or behind map. I will post my vocab sets if I can figure out how!

Read Alouds:
Usborne Internet-Linked World History (I have an antiquated version, so page numbers will be off), p. 28-29.
We're from India
India ABC
Taking your camera to India
Look What We've brought for you from India
My Mother's Sari
Elephant Dance

-India Shutterfold from "The Story of Babaji",
-various maps,
-Towns, Tales, and Timelines from "Second Grade, History-Geography", (You do have to dig a bit for this. It's under Teacher Resources, Lesson Plans. You wouldn't want to print the entire 240 some pages, but there are great ideas and printables at the back).

-Tie Dyeing t-shirts
-make a clay model of a Mohenjo-Daro building
-Spice Trade (use ginger, cumin, cardamon, tumeric, coriander, cayenne, and cinnamon). Dig out your spices to allow the kids to smell/sample. Discuss spice trade.

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