Sunday, September 13, 2015

Not Your Ordinary Book Report!

The book reports of my youth seem outdated and boring to me now. With all the technology out there and alternative education methods, it seemed to me that I should be offering my kids a different approach to book reports.
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Reviewing books is a great way to reinforce learning and comprehension. It doesn't have to be a bore though. I presented my son with this list at the beginning of the year. He can choose any he likes for his report, but he can only do them once. Otherwise, I am sure to get a stack of t-shirt designs! Here is my list of 21 Book Report Options that allow a great amount of customization.

25 Book Report Options
1. Design a t-shirt. This should include the book title, author, and perhaps a sentence or repeated phrase.

2. Design a costume for a character. If you are especially crafty you could design and sew it, but designing on paper and explaining why it's appropriate will do.

3. Create a picture book. Draw an illustration complete with caption for each chapter of the book. Don't forget to provide a cover and then staple or bind it together.

4. Write a letter to a character. What would you say to a character?

5. Write the author. Got a question or two about the book that didn't get answered? Want to praise the author for a job well done? Put it down in a letter. Extra points for actually sending it!

6. The book has ended. What happens next? Write a short story.

7. Assemble a diorama. Got a favorite scene from the book? Now's your chance to recreate it.

8. Write an Amazon listing. Take a look at how Amazon lists books (don't look for your book). Write a listing to market this book. Look for your book after you have written your listing and compare the two.

9. Book vs. Movie. Compare and contrast.

10. Make a video review.

11. Resume or Facebook profile for a character. How would the character describe him/herself?

12. Good ole' book report.

13. Write interview questions and the responses for a character.

14. Make a movie trailer.

15. Create a collage for the book or a character.

16. Write an alternate ending and why you prefer it.

17. Make a stop-motion animation of your favorite scene.

18. Create a comic book strip of your favorite scene or a summary of the book.

19. Write a poem, song, or riddle about the book.

20. Award Ceremony. Create a list of awards for each of the characters in the book. Explain why they deserve the award.

21. Bookshelf. What is on a particular character's bookshelf? What books are there, CD's, pictures, or knick knacks? Draw it out or make a collage with pictures.

22. Past, Present, and Future. Create a past, summarize the present, and predict a future for a character.

23. Commercial. Make a television commercial for the book.

24. Design a poster or new book cover. What if the book were being made into a movie? What might the poster look like?

25. It's Your Birthday! Make a list of characters and the birthday presents you would give them. Don't forget to include your reasoning behind the gifts.

Do you have any ideas for alternatives to book reports?

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