Friday, March 18, 2011

Things to Do - April

Continuing from March
CurrClick's Get-Fit-Athon

April 2nd
Tucson 99's Event
"2011 Pound Rides at Ryan Airfield

Sat. April 2nd 2011
20¢ a pound for a 20min flight in a general aviation airplane
Ticket Sales begin early at the airport
We weigh you Calculate your cost And you get to go up in an airplane!"

April 7th
Family Astronomy Night -
Catalina Community Center 7:30pm - 9:30pm

April 14th - 24th
Pima County Fair

April 27th
Wordgirl Definition Competition -
10am (online webcast)

April 30th
Relay for Life -
You can see my Hubby on the commercial located at the website. We will be there raising money for the 501st Team!!

 As a public service announcement I would like to advise you to put on the filter if you are googling "April flowers". Apparently there is a porn star with the same name! Ah!

Happy Homeschooling

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