Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I had a very interesting conversation with my soon-to-be eight year old.

I wanted to talk to him about his lessons for next year and the fact that he will be entering the 3rd grade. We went down the list of things he will be working on and discussed them all. He loves 1st Language Lessons, Timez Attack, and reading. He wanted to bargain on math a bit. We finally settled on a system of Math-U-See dvd segment followed by the test for the unit. If he passes the test (verbally), we move on. We will use worksheets only when he needs extra practice before passing the test.

Next we talked about starting Latin, reading more historical books, and blogging. He was particularly excited about getting his own blog to post on. He will continue with Chess and Lego Club, PE, Tennis, and Scouts. After we were finished talking about all the "school" stuff, I asked him if he had any personal goals for the next year.

Optimus thought for a few minutes. His list includes; taking more walks, learning to do his own laundry, learning to ride his bike, and finishing his work on time. He would also like to learn more about hunting, fishing, hiking, and survival training.

I was pretty blown away at his choices. I was thinking they would be more like, beating Mario into submission or conquering Lego Harry Potter. I think he showed great maturity and I am a very proud Mama!

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