Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking ahead to next year : a curriculum story

In the mail yesterday was a Critical Thinking company catalog. It got me thinking about curriculum for next year. I like to have my shopping list made out, so that I can take it to various homeschool curriculum fairs and bookstores. I found a SOTW activity guide at a local used bookstore for $7. Don't forget to look in occasionaly on those used bookstores or library sales!

Next year I will have a (gasp) 1st grader and a 3rd grader. I will be able to use most of Optimus' old books for Tink, but I will need to buy new things also. So here is the "list".

2011-2012 Curriculum List

Items I already have:
Science - will continue with Building Foundations through Scientific Understanding.
Math - MathUSee (Tink)
Language - First Language Lessons, Levels 1&2 (Tink)
Reading - Funnix and Reading Pathways (Tink)
Literature - various book and The Illiad by Susan Hope Osborne from the library.
Nature Study - no curriculum needed

Items I need:
History - Story of the World Volume Two : The Middle Ages. Textbook and Activity Guide.
Music - Piano lessons  (Optimus)
Art - hopefully Artistic Pursuits, otherwise continue with art topics exploring
Language - First Language Lessons, Level 4 textbook (Optimus)
Life Skills -
Foreign Language - Song School Latin
Sports - PE and Tennis lessons (both)
Math - MathUSee and Reader Rabbit Math software (Optimus)
Other -
Building Thinking Skills Level 1, software (Optimus)
Word Roots, beginning (Optimus)
Brainbox USA We will use this for geography.

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