Monday, January 31, 2011

Art Topics

I will be the first to admit that I am not gifted in the art department. I liked drawing when I was younger. I would only draw horses and unicorns, but I was never any good at it. It's not really my "thing". When looking to add more art to my children's homeschool days I was pretty lost. 

I would love to someday afford Artistic Pursuits. It seems like a really great program, but there is just never enough in the budget to buy it. *Sigh* Someday...
Anyway, until I can sit back with the Artistic Pursuits books and teach art in depth, I have come up with a list of art topics for the kids to explore. 

I use this list to give the kids some variety in their drawing. My son is not really an artist (that kid seems more like me by the minute). My daughter LOVES drawing. She would probably only draw reindeer and pegasus if not stretched a bit though. 

I give the kids two topics a week. Topic "a" is a one day project and "b" is a two day project (usually). Topic "a" is always pencil and I change the medium for "b" each week. 

Art Ideas for 3rd Quarter

1a. Bird heads
1b. Vehicles of the Future
2a. Bird wings
2b. Your Dreams
3a. Bird body
3b. Monster of Your Making
4a. Bird (complete)
4b. A City Underwater
5a. Insect wing
5b. A bowl of fruit
6a. Insect head
6b. An ant's worldview
7a. Insect body
7b. Giraffe's worldview
8a. Insect legs
8b. Your favorite toy (or object in your room)
9a. Insect (complete)
9b. A pond, lake, or stream
10a. Leaf of a plant
10b. Self-portrait

There you have it. These are the topics we will be working on for this quarter. If you have any ideas please post them in the comments. I have 12 weeks in 4th quarter to fill!

Happy Homeschooling

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