Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week 3, 3rd Quarter 12/27-12/31/2010

This is my favorite picture of 2010!

Week 3 is over. Here are the highlights.

Morning Meeting - Words of the day (struggled, delighted, horrid, cozy, and responsibility), calendar work, choose next state for Flat Travelor.
*We chose Pennsylvania and I was able to find a nice family we will trade with. This week we will be making new flats to send out by Friday.

Science - Air is a Substance
*The kids really understood the concepts and loved the experiments.

History - Ch. 5, The First Sumerian Dictator
*We had a bit of a break before getting back into SOTW, but I was super surprised by how much Optimus had retained!

*We started MEP. I really like the the pace of this program. I was shocked when Tink was answering the < > = correctly! I think this program is a keeper. Optimus took the New York State, 3rd grade Math test and received an 82%. I am happy with this considering he is in 2nd grade. It was a good exercise to see if we had any gaps. We will focus on those and retake the test later in the year.

FIAR - Make Way for Ducklings
*My kids adore this book.

Language Arts
*The kids each had their own assignments in LA. Tink is at Lesson 30 in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. She still loves it. Optimus started First Language Lessons, Level 3. I really love the drill and he is learning a lot with this program.

Nature Study - Bird heads
*We really had a struggle with focus for this project. Tink, who is my artist, lacked interest. Unless it is unicorns and reindeer, I guess she just doesn't want to draw it. Optimus took his time and added good detail.

Art - self portraits
*I had each child go into the bathroom with their papers. They looked in the mirror to draw their own faces. Fun.

Life Skills - honesty and cleanliness

Silent Reading

*This was a great week. I feel like we accomplished a lot. I am very happy with both of the kids for jumping back into the swing of things after a big break. Next week I hope to take pictures of our lessons.

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