Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 7, 3rd Quarter

This week definitely had it's battles and triumphs! Overall a good week that ended with Optimus' scout Pinewood Derby.

Let's start with Tink:
- MEP is working well with her so far, she enjoys all the praise she's getting for the focus and attention she is giving her math.
- Tink wrote a book this week. I will have to write a second post to share the book and pictures.
Funnix has now replaced the 100 Easy lessons book that we had been using with her. Funnix is by the same author AND he actually recommends it more than the book.
- I am wondering if tennis is just not Tink's "thing", or if she would be this easily distracted at any sport. At times I get incredibly frustrated with her. She seems to be constantly wandering around in her mind and focuses on tennis for only short bits. I'm going to just take a deep breath and have her finish out the term.

On to Optimus:
- MEP has not been the right fit for Optimus. I think it is the worksheets. He is not a worksheet type of kid. I am now researching math games and other non-worksheet ways to "do" math. This has not been an easy subject for either of us.
- Optimus organized his thoughts for his book, but we didn't have a chance to get even the first draft done.
-Funnix has been very good for Optimus. He sometimes completes a few lessons on his own. He enjoys the stories.
-Optimus is really doing well with tennis. He listens to the coach and has improved his hitting. He hit 15 balls back to the coach at this week's lesson. Yeah!
-Language Lessons are still one of his favorite things to do. This week we focused on the dictionary skills lessons at the back of the book. He finished the McGuffey book and is on to the next reader in the series.
-Magic Tree House books have really captured his attention. He even took one in the car to read on the way to scouts! The group of books I ordered came the other day, so I can keep my word at giving him a book each time he reads one. He wants to finish the series. I hope he sticks to it.

In SOTW, we took on Far East: Ancient China. We only got half way finished though. We will need to combine the second half with Ancient Africa next week. I really wanted to get the kids making their Ming bowls, but that will have to wait until next week.

With BFSU we talked about Distinguishing Between Plants and Animals. This topic seemed to be an easy one for the kids and they got the concepts quickly. I am happy with this program. I finally have a science curriculum!

This week's activities were a huge amount of fun. We did our routine of PE and playtime, scouts, park day, and tennis. Yesterday we had loads of fun at the Pinewood Derby. Optimus didn't place this year, but he did win a ribbon for the Funniest car.

 "Armored Brick of Cheese"

Happy Homeschooling!

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