Saturday, April 2, 2011

Concepts of Energy: Part 1

We have taken a two week break from our science curriculum. I had strep throat, we went on a small vacation, and completed a few small experiments. Now we have jumped back in!

This week we are tackling the C-1, Concepts of Energy: Part 1, from Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding.

Part 1: Forms of Energy and What They Do. I made some "energy" cards and we used them to figure out what kind of energy was need for different things. Download Energy Cards

Part 2: Storage and Release of Energy.

Part 3: Energy Changes from One Form to Another.
Here we used the energy cards again to fill in the blanks like, "A motor converts (what kind of energy) to (what kind of energy)?"

Ending Activity:
We made a book depicting four forms of energy incorporating everything we had learned about energy.

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