Friday, September 7, 2012

Get Ready! Go!

September will be a very busy month for my family. So many activities with scouts, homeschool clubs, and sports. I am thankful that I am able to be with my kids so much and experience these wonderful opportunities with them. My Hubby rocks!!!

We are in Week 7 of our year. I can't believe that!
2nd and 4th grade
First Language Lessons
McGuffey Readers
All About Spelling
silent reading (leveled books of my choosing)
Computer : Almanac and Typing
Music: Toccata en Fugue D minor (we are listening as I type and they do math)
History Project (this is for the History Fair at the end of the month)

We didn't finish our last unit for history before our rotation was up. Next week we are going to revisit the history topics we missed. We were supposed to be starting science, but a few of my homeschool friends may be starting a coop based on the program we were going to use. I am holding out until next week to learn if they will be starting. I would love the kids to have science as a coop.

PE and regular park day started this week. I have really missed seeing all of the ladies from park. We have had so many new families join our group. Lots of added energy and good conversation. The kids had a really great time and the weather was perfect.

Optimus' first den meeting for Webelos 1 was this week. They met to discuss homework for parents, which Optimus was thrilled with. They are also supposed to figure out what activities they would like to lead. The kids were given a team building exercise that was very comical to watch. They were not allowed to speak and were given a big rope. They had to make the rope into the shape printed on a notecard. They were pulling and tugging each other around, until finally in the last couple of minutes they got it. Popcorn season is in full swing. Optimus will be selling at a few storefronts this week and next. He loves to sell!

Our homeschool is partnered with a gymnastics facility that offers an "open gym". We started going a few weeks ago. The kids love it. This week a girl threw a heavy climbing rope at Optimus, giving him a bloody nose. Hubby said he was about to freak out over the bleeding, but got himself together. He is really growing up. The girl apologized and they were back to playing after that.

My little Tink, has been begging me to try and find her a Girl Scout troop again this year. Ugh. I am going to take her to the three community meetings that are planned for our area, but am not hopeful that a good troop will spring from it. I do not have the time to invest in being a leader and frankly, don't think I am a very good one on my own. We have had such bad luck with Girl Scouts. Before I go and drop another $100 at the GS store, I want to be sure we get a good group. Interesting note: Boy Scout store cost us under $40 for all he needed this year. Girl Scout store will cost us at least double that. They don't reused uniforms like BS do, so every year is a new set for GS.

I am excited to see September this year. Everything just seems so much better this year. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Happy Homeschooling

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