Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jump Start!

In an effort to streamline lessons and get the kids more involved with guiding their own education, I have started something I am calling Jump Start. Jump Start is the first thing we will be doing in the morning. I am writing four questions on the white board and asking the kids to use any means neccessary to answer the questions. Examples are encouraged!

The kids have all day to answer the questions and will start sharing the answers at dinner when Dad is home. This way they will have to "present" what they have learned and Dad can listen to what they have learned and provide more discussion. I am giving the kids a week to practice before we bring it to Dad.

Here are the questions for next week. My hope is that the kids will start helping me come up with the questions in the future.

Week 1
1. What does "break the ice" mean?
2. Who was Attila the Hun?
3. What is a homonym?
4. Find the Andes mountains.
5. What does "make ends meet" mean?
6. What is Feudalism?
7. List five homonyms?
8. Find the Rocky Mountains?
9. What does "once in a blue moon" mean?
10. What is a synonym?
11. Find the Appalachians.
12. Who is your favorite author?
13. What does "RSVP" mean?
14. What is a guild?
15. List five synonyms for words you choose.
16. Find the Himalayas.
17. What does "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" mean?
18. What is an Antonym?
19. List five antonyms for words you choose.
20. Find the Urals.

Happy Homeschooling

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