Monday, February 9, 2015

Zoology, 5th Grade

I am in the process of putting together a semester (possibly a year long) Zoology study for my 5th grader. She is all about animals! I will be adding things as I find them throughout the journey through the materials.

I am using a notebook that I outlined myself for her. After I outlined the notebook and topics, I started printing out pages to go into the notebook. Then I thought, why am I doing this? The point of letting her choose what to study, was to let her have more freedom. If I print everything I want her to do, it won't be as fun as if she fills it in herself. Ugh! This approach takes some getting used to. Sooo, after closing all of my browser windows, I got down to finding books and videos for her.

Front Cover
Title page and sticky with kits to buy.

print out I added. Title page with sticky listing books and videos. 

She needs a place to start from as this will be her first formal attempt at educating herself. Otherwise, I'm afraid she will spend all of her "science time" watching LPS videos that sound remotely like the topic of study. Here we go again with me having my hand in it, but I feel that she will appreciate the "recommendations" as she won't be forced to read the books or watch the videos. They are just a place for her to start.

I am planning on buying her a few kits and supplies. I like the Sealife Shell Pack $10.95, the Owl Pellet kit $4.10, and the Butterfly Garden Kit $14.92.

Here is the list of topics I outlined in her notebook and the resources for each. The books are all available at my library (I linked to Amazon so you could see them). I created a Youtube playlist here other videos are from Netflix or Amazon Prime. I have all of these books and videos listed for her in Evernote. She can access this on her own and have everything she needs in one place.

Zoology, 5th Grade:
1. Animal Classifications (Classifying Animals and Taxonomy)

2. Ecosystems

3. Amphibians *After a general overview with these resources, she will pick an amphibian to study in greater detail. Those resources I will let her find on her own using youtube, netflix, and the library. She will need to keep a bibliography and complete a lapbook or interactive notebook pages to show what she learned. (Books: The Life Cycle of Amphibians & Do You Know About Amphibians. Video: Amphibians this was available at our library or Bill Nye: Amphibians)

4. Animals in Winter (online reading. Videos: Investigating Hibernation, Bear Snores On *for fun, Animals Do Winter Better Than You)

5. Reptiles *she will have a reptile report to do also (Books: Reptiles & Reptiles. Videos: Reptiles 1, Reptiles 2, Reptiles 3, Reptiles 4)

6. Animal Adaptations (no books for this one. Videos: Bill Nye: Evolution)

7. Birds *another report also (Book: Birds . Video: Life of Birds)

8. Mimicry (online reading. Videos:Avoiding Predators, Hiding, Camouflages )

9. Insects *another report (Books: Insects & Magic School Bus Presents Insects. Videos: Microcosmos, Watching the Bees, and Creepy Crawlers)

10. Symbiotic Relationships (videos: Symbiosis, and Amazing Symbiosis)

11. Fish *another report (books: DK Fish. Videos: Blue Planet and Search for Great Sharks)

12. Other Water Animals *report (online reading 1, 2, 3. Books: Sea Anemone *couldn't find a link on amazon for it, Octopus, and Jellyfish. Videos: Mystery of Eels, Turtle, Ocean Life, Sea Creatures)

13. Animal Senses (no books. Video: Animal Senses)

14. Mammals *another report (Books: Mammals and Mammals. Videos: Life of Mammals, Bill Nye: Mammals, Private Life of Deer, Fortress of Bears, Leave it to Beavers, and Honey Badger)

End of Zoology Project
She can pick any topic in Zoology and do a big project on it. An informational video would be a cool idea, but she can choose anything.

Happy Homeschooling!

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