Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heart Of the Matter Online Conference

I am currently attending the Heart of the Matter Online's Homeschool Refresher Conference. This is the last day!

How you may ask, am I able to listen to these wonderful lectures for 4-5 hours? I have an amazing husband, of course! He has been riding herd on the kids while I take notes and read handouts. I am so greatful that he has allowed me this time. I have needed it in a big way. Sometimes, you do get burnout as a SAHM and Homeschooler! Sometimes, you get in a rut. Sometimes, you just need to take some time to "refresh" yourself with like minded people! That is what this conference has helped me to do.

About the Conference:
You can go to the website at
The website will tell you all about the speakers and prices. I paid under 13 bucks to have the 4-5 hours of lectures over 4 days. There were some "handouts" (really pdfs that go with the lectures). I will also be able to download mp3s of each of the lectures.

Last year I copied the mp3s on a disc and put it along with all my notes and handouts into a folder.

**There will be the major conference in August. This has tons of freebies, more speakers, handouts, mp3s and giveaways. I would recommend that you take advantage of this wonderful conference.

For the Seculars....
This is a Christian conference. Not all of the speakers talk about religion and bringing God into homeschooling, but each lecture starts with prayer.Some of the speakers have ministries and you must keep this in mind.

Last year's conference, I found out about Workboxes!
This conference, I learned about some wonderful science curriculum, teaching kids with short attention spans (and special needs), and some super higher education resources.

Anyway, look into it for August!

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