Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chickens ordered!!

Things I did today:
-handed off more seedlings to Mom
-chickens ordered (more later)
-planted in the front yard

I am terrible at consistantly watering gardens. I don't know how many poor little plants have died at my hands. In Southern Arizona, you just have to water everyday or more!! This year my Mom and I worked out a deal. I would grow the seedlings and she would be finish them off. Hopefully next year my garden beds will be ready for some planting at my own house. Maybe I will be better at remembering to water too.

I have been wanting chickens for two years and have finally had them ordered. They are from Murray McMurray Hatchery and will be shipped the first week of June.

The minimum order is 25 chicks. Living in the county, I am allowed that many, but geez...what would I do with 25 chickens?? I talked to a local organic farmer that sells organic eggs and was able to add a few chicks to his order. He was so nice to answer my questions. If you are in North Tucson, head to They are super friendly and sell organic fruit, veggies, and the above mentioned eggs!

Okay, so I ordered 2 each of Ameraurcanas (Easter Eggers),
Silver Laced Wyandottes,
and Cuckoo Marans. They will only be a few days old when I get them. I am super excited, hubby..not so much. **pictures from

I have a few things to do before they get here. I need to build the coop, get supplies, and train the dog. I'm not sure yet how to do the latter, but I will research. The coop will (hopefully) be an easy weekend project with the help of my hubby.

I decided to use a chicken tractor setup to help with composting and digging up future garden beds.

Front Yard:
I brought home some succulants (Aptenia cordifolia or Ice Plant) from Mom's house. They are over-running her garden. I decided to plant them in the little planter under the front window of the house. This planter gets absolutely no sun. I am hoping that the plants love it there. They were free and you can't beat that.

I had some leftover flowers from a planting project with my little Daisy scouts (asters and marigolds). I also planted a Gerbera daisy that I got as a gift. Then I decided to plant some herbs and veggies (zucchini, gooseberry, cumin, chives,and basil). The ground was just soooo much better in the front yard then the back that I just did it as an experiment. I took pictures and will post those soon. I will be interested to see how it looks once everything fills in (that is if I can remember to water).

Hubby that I was bonkers for planting veggies and herbs in the front yard. I got the disbelieving stare with the "in the front yard?" question. Yes, in the front yard. We don't have a lawn or anything else out there, well, except the palm trees and China berry trees I loathe!

Anyway, pretty productive day. Now it's time to read, The Neverending Story (that is really neverending!). Optimus seems to like it. Tink just plays and interupts.

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