Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Current Curriculum : November

(the picture is here because it is COOL)

Optimus' (age 7)  

Math-U-See Gamma
Read-Alouds from the library
1st Language Lessons (we are on the last of year 2)
Spelling Workout
Handwriting - Cursive copywork, cursive dry erase book, and McGuffey Reader reading selection
Typing - Sue Patrick's typing system (free with workbox order), return email
Computer lessons - Head of the Class lessons
Scouts - go to Cub Scouts, complete scout homework

Tink's (age 5)

Math-U-See Alpha, Mighty Mind game, block counting
Language - Starfall, find the vowels with alphabet cards
Reading - Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy Lessons
Computer Lessons - Head of the Class
Fun - PKU nutritional cards (sorting low protein/high protein foods), pumpkin craft or coloring page

Work Together

Five In A Row
Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding, K-2
Story of the World, Volume 1
Art - Who is John James Audubon?, surf website, practice drawing bird's heads.
Music - Bach (listening)
Lifeskills - sewing and making Christmas gifts and cards

PE class and playtime
Tennis Lessons
Movie night with Aunt
Thanksgiving Party with family

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