Monday, October 25, 2010

Okay, the revamp of the Workbox System ends!

For a few weeks we have been using a version of the Workbox System that has evolved for more than two years. I started using the system almost exactly. Now the only thing our system has in common with the original is the use of the name "workbox".

I set up plastic tower organizers. One for each child. The kids have five drawers in their tower. Each drawer is labeled with the subject. When they are finished with the subject, they put the work and books back into the drawer.
This way I am not having to revisit the drawers to organize each day.

I set it up at the begining of the week and don't have to touch it again! I like this soooo much better. I have enough to do during the day than keep that task on my list. It is also teaching the kids to clean up after themselves (which they could always use more practice with).

Optimus' drawers are labeled:
1st Language Lessons

Tink's drawers are labeled:

Okay, then I have my tower! This is for all the subjects we do together. My drawers are labeled:
Unit Studies
Art & Music

Each child's binder is laid onto of their towers. Optimus has a keyboard for typing practice and Tink has the Math-U-See blocks box on top of hers.

The binders hold everything they need to "do" their work. Page protectors with subject headings separate subjects. They can put finished work in the binder and they also have plenty of paper inside. Optimus added a pencil case to his last week.

In the front sleeve of the binder, I put their weekly assignment sheet. This has been a major thing for us. I told the kids that if they wanted to work ahead they could finish things early. The condition is that they must AT LEAST finish the tasks assigned for the day. Optimus tried to convince me that he could save things for the end of the week and finish it all then. Uh, let me think about that, NO! He is such a negotiator.

You can view a sample assignment sheet here.

All in all this is the best way of "doing" school for us. It is easy for me to pull together supplies and type in assignments. The kids like it because they can see how much they have left for the day/week. The days are easier! That is the best part.

-take care all

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