Friday, October 17, 2014

East of China

East of China
(Story of the World, Volume 2, Chapter 9)

Iwakura Onsen-kyo hot spring resort is the origin of a myth of Yamato Takeru (a legendary Japanese prince of the Yamato dynasty).
Day 1
We listened to the audio book selection. We wrote the narrations in our notebooks and added these to our timeline:
300 Yamato Dynasty in Japan
300 Beginning of the Three Kingdoms period in Korea


Day 2
We used the Chapter 9 lapbook elements and pasted them, along with our activity book map into our notebook. We also read An Illustrated History of Japan.


Day 3
We watched The Legend of Amaterasu and Paekche Kingdom. We then wrote "I love you" in Japanese.

Day 4
We read The Crane Wife and then had a Japanese bento dinner. Our recipes included:

green tea (can you tell I love Japanese food?) We also talked about the Japanese tea ceremony and watched this great video about it. 

Day 5
We listened to the audio book again and read our notes from our notebook. We also had fun making Origami.

Finished notebook page.

Happy Homeschooling!

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