Friday, October 24, 2014

The Bottom of the World

The Bottom of the World
(Story of the World, Volume 2, Chapter 10)

Aboriginal people were the first Australians
Day 1
We listened to the audio book selection. We wrote the narrations in our notebooks and added this to our timeline:
800 The Maor'i arrive in New Zealand

Aboriginal Rock Art, Nourlangie Rock, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory.

Day 2
We used the Chapter 10 lapbook elements and pasted them, along with our activity book map into our notebook. We also read Cultures of the World: Australia. 

A Māori chief with tattoos (moko) seen by James Cook and his crew.

Day 3
We watched Dreamtime and Maori Creation Story in sand art.

Day 4
We read The Maori of New Zealand and watched Dances of Life.

Day 5
We listened to the audio book again and read our notes from our notebook.

Finished notebook page.
Notes from our extra readings and videos will go in the blank areas. I taped the map as an insert in the middle of the page. That way it can be turned over like a page. 

Happy Homeschooling!

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