Monday, December 20, 2010

3rd quarter 2010-2011

I have finished fine tuning the last of 3rd quarter and am now ready to share!

Optimus' 3rd Quarter Workboxes (2nd grade)

Math-U-See and MEP -We are going to start this for the first time this quarter. It is in my budget (free) and seems like fun! I will write a review when we have gone through a few weeks.

1st Language Lessons, Level 3 - We have loved the first book. This book seems a bit more intensive, which is exactly what he needs right now. I only bought the teacher's manual, I have taken the time to write out the items needed on plain lined paper. I might buy the workbook for the next level as a time saver!

Handwriting - No real curriculum as handwriting is covered in some many other areas. I am adding poem review, cursive, reading selections (from McGuffey's), and some cursive copywork to this workbox.

Spelling Workout B - This might be the last of the Spelling Workout books. Optimus is really just learning the words now and absolutely hates filling in the activities. I am 99% sure we are switching to Sequential Spelling. It's on my wishlist, but I'm still looking around a bit before I buy.

Special Project - We are going to be working on writing paragraphs. I would like him to complete one per week. This will lead us to writing a full research page by mid-4th quarter.

TypingSue Patricks typing program is working well. I received it for free after my workbox system ebook purchase. I am also having him write 3 emails a week.

Computer Lessons - Twice a week I am having both kids go through a "page" of lessons from Head of the Class. I will write a review for this site later. We are really liking it so far.

Tink's 3rd Quarter Workboxes (Kindergarten)

MEP (Math)- We are just starting this, so I'll let you know how it goes. (link is at the top). I will also be adding dot-to-dots and some color-by-number pages. She loves her some coloring!

Handwriting - She is working on the alphabet and family names right now. When Optimus starts Sequential Spelling, I might see about adding it for her.

Language - She is loving and using Starfall. We pay a game called, "Find the vowels", it's just something I made up. I am adding reading comp activities for her this quarter also.

Reading - Still using 100 Easy Lessons for her. She found it difficult a few months ago, so we stopped and tried again. She now loves it and completes a few lessons in one sitting.

Other - We are all working on memorizing the ASL alphabet and how to finger spell. Tink also completes a few "pages" a week from Head of the Class (mentioned above). I am throwing in random unit studies for her. Examples of the unit studies are, What is a good Citizen?, the 5 Senses, and anything else I find that a Kindergartener should know.

3rd Quarter Family Lessons
These lessons are not in the workboxes. They are the lessons we complete together.

Science - We are using Dr. Nebel's science curriculum. We are really loving it so far. I am so thrilled that he has written a second book in the series. I wrote a review about it a few weeks ago. We will be completing ten lessons in 3rd quarter.

History - Story of the World continues to be our spine for history. The kids like it and I love that all of the resources are so handy in the Activity Book. We will go through ten chapters this quarter.

FIAR - I love Five in a Row! I wish I could get the curriculum, but for now I just use the free resources online. This quarter we are "rowing"; Make Way for Ducklings, Night of the Moon Jellies, Owl Moon, Tale of Peter Rabbit, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Paul Revere's Ride, Daniel's Duck, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, The Tiny Seed, and A Jackrabbit's Tale.

Music - For music we will be learning how to read notes and listening to the following masters: Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Wagner, and Beethoven.

Art - This quarter we are working on building an artist portfolio.

Nature Study - On our moring walks we will be taking our nature study notebooks and focusing on detail. Some activities are as simple as drawing a bird's tail or an insect antenae.

Logic - I am still looking into where we will be finding activities for this subject. This will probably be worksheet and game based.

Life Skills - For character building we are focusing on honesty, forgiveness, courtesy, kindness, and integrity. I will have the kids define the terms and use them daily to reinforce. I will also be asking them to point out real-life examples of these traits. We will also be learing what it means to be clean. Cleanliness is a life skill that my kids really need some training in! Animal care, baking, and lotion/soap making will complete our studies here.

There you have it. Third quarter in all it's glory! Now I can just sit back and relax for a few weeks until it's time to plan 4th quarter!!!

-take care and happy homeschooling

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